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Banu Şahin

Industrial Designer & Interior Architect

Founded in 2000 as B DESIGN & INTERIOR ARCHITECTURE, the company  has carried out many projects, applications and designs until today.

By producing its own design products with the 1Fark brand registered in 2018; It has been offered for sale from its stores on e-commerce platforms and its own ateliers.

Under the title of “signed by the designer” created under this brand; The products of all designers who is interested are also offered for sale on the same platform. In 2022, its own on-line shop was opened and design products sales started.

In 2019, with its decoration project and productions especially for Nigeria; started to export the products of both its own company and other companies in the sector. These exports provide continuity with the contracts made.

In addition, combination of the cafe-office-workshop triple concept created in the atelier with the experiences in the education life is made available to students. An environment has been designed where both students and everyone related to the design and production can work with pleasure and make custom productions. It contributes to education life with private lessons and internships.



Ofice & Workshop

1 Fark

Our Services

Let’s design your living and working spaces (environments) together.

By designing the environments that are suitable for you and that reflect you; do the application also

Since 2000, fair and product stand projects and applications have been realized for many companies and products in line with the customer requirements.

As 1Fark, you can obtain our designs and productions from sales various platforms.

Let us make custom designs and productions for you by realizing solutions for your requirements.

We offer technical support and academic training for all your ideas and creations.

Let’s have fun and improve ourselves with the wokshops we do with experts in their fields.