Product Design


By producing products of its own design under the brand name 1Fark registered in 2021; It is sold in e-commerce platforms and from the workshop directly. In addition, the products of all designers under the title of “signed by the designer” created under this brand are offered for sale on the same e-commerce platforms.

As B Design and Interior Architecture, we have the facilities to make prototypes and productions of our own designs in our workshop. All the designs and productions of the “1Fark” brand is offered to your service in our own model workshop, thanks to 3D printer and laser cutting and and other workshop equipment.

On your special days; We offer you all our creativity to make your dreams come true with special surprises and organizations.

We not only work to create special concepts for you, from your birthday to baby celebration, from your special days to your wedding organization; We make custom designs for you.


Aziziye Mahallesi Komşu Sokak 3/9
Çankaya / Ankara / Turkey

Telefon: 0 312 438 60 64


Our Services


3D Puzzle

3D Wooden Animals Model - Lion

Christmas Decorations

Wooden Christmas Decorations Pines

Wooden Puzzle

Alphabet Set - Letters

Custom Order Designs

Since the day it was founded, B Design and Interior Architecture, in line with the requirements of various institutions or individuals  makes custom designs and productions. Since these designs are produced custom orders, they are not offered for sale.


Promotional Tangram Design – Gökçelik Stell Furniture


Glass Coaster – SMS

Cloth Bag – SMS

Cake Display Stand

Cafe Table Top Presentation  Set – KEIFI Cafe

Three Dimensional Frame – Box

Photo Album Box

Doll Stand

Window Decoration Bird Cage – Selin Store